Furniture Made From Acacia Wood

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Furniture that is made from Acacia wood is often chosen for its stunning aesthetic appeal, but this wood also has many more benefits when it is used to create furniture.  Acacia has been used to make furniture for 1000s and 1000s of years and even stretches as far back as being used for furniture during biblical times.

Acacia wood is a very sustainable wood as it grows very quickly, as long as new trees are planted to replace those cultivated for wood. It’s popularity in the world,of furniture has been steadily growing with many people attracted by its versatility, sustainability and of course it being an environmentally- friendly wood.

Depending on the finish, you can find both dark and light shades of Acacia. The most popular items we sell have a clear oil applied, which offers a striking smooth pale finish.

While not the cheapest type of wooden furniture, you will likely be surprised at the quality in relation to cost. It is the perfect wood for furniture used to store heavy items as it withstands weight easily and is extremely durable.

The grain can vary between straight and wavy patterns, and the colour can range from a light amber to a dark mahogany. No two acacia timbers are the same.

Facts About Acacia Trees

There are over 1,300 species of acacia tree worldwide. They are primarily found in Australia and Africa, and to a lesser extent in the Americas, Asia and mainland Europe. It’s dome shape is used to attract as much sunlight as it possibly can due to it’s lack of foliage and it provides food and habitats to a variety of mammals, insects and birds and is a favourite of the giraffe.

Acacias found in the Sudan and the northern Sahara, are the main source of ‘gum arabic’. Gum Arabic has been used for over 2000 years in paint and watercolours and is also used for sweets (most famously the hard outer coating of an M&M), medicines and dyes and is also used in the making of silks, paper and cosmetics.

Being a very exceptionally durable wood and also water resistant, it is a perfect wood for making furniture and boats! In the 18th century nearly all the Royal Navy ships were made from acacia wood!

Acacia Wood Furniture Durability

Acacia has proven itself to be an extremely durable wood. Its density and hardness makes it the perfect material for heavy-use pieces such as dining tables and dining benches. When properly maintained, these pieces will last decades. Because of it’s durability acacia furniture is less prone to scratches or markings and is also water proof.  It has been known for acacia furniture to not need any touch ups or rendering for almost 40 years!

Looking after Acacia pieces is more straightforward than some believe. As long as you oil the item every month or so it will maintain its natural shine and won’t crack. If you choose a finished acacia piece, waxing is not required.

So if you’re looking for strong enduring items, resistant to wear and tear, that looks absolutely fabulous, acacia wood furniture is a perfect option for your home.

Acacia Wood Dining Room Furniture

The Girona Acacia Dining Table – The table measures 76 cm high, 160 cm wide and 90 cm deep overall. Designed for contemporary living, this dining table seats four people comfortably - It can seat up to six people making it suitable for everyday use as well as for entertaining and family meals. This table is made with solid acacia wood throughout (no veneers) by skilled craftsmen. The acacia we use is from renewable sources and finished with clear oil to nourish to enhance and protect the wood.

The Girona Acacia Large Dining Table - Designed to seat six people comfortably, the Girona acacia large dining table measures 76 cm high, 180 cm wide and 90 cm deep overall. The table-top is upholstered with a grey oscar with smart zinc studs.

Both these tables are handmade which means each table is truly a unique piece of dining furniture. The cool grey Oscar and zinc studs blend well with the light-coloured acacia wood, and together they create an extremely stylish and highly contemporary look. The wood is finished with clear oil to protect and nourish it. The dining tables are built to last by skilled craftsmen but some minor home assembly is required which is simply just attaching the legs.

Acacia Hardwood Furniture

We here at Kalusto have a range of acacia furniture for every part of your home and here are just a few examples that can add that unique feel to any room;

The Girona Acacia Coffee Table - The Girona acacia coffee table measures 42 cm high, 125 cm wide and 72 cm deep overall. The table- top is protected with grey coloured oscar, which is more resilient and longer-lasting than leather. The grey material coordinates beautifully with the zinc studs, creating a practical as well as truly eye-catching table-top. 

The Girona Acacia Coffee Table/Trunk - Measuring 47 cm high, 90 cm wide and 90 cm deep overall the Girona Acacia coffee table also has a good-sized storage trunk, characterised by the grey Oscar and zinc studded upholstering. The unit has three drawers measuring 8.5 cm high, 35.5 cm wide and 18.5 cm deep. It also has two larger drawers measuring 8.5 cm high, 35.5 cm wide and 30.5 cm deep. The drawers benefit from strong dovetail joints and are furnished with vintage style drop handles.

The Girona Acacia Large Open Bookcase - The overall measurements of the large bookcase is 180 cm high, 140 cm wide and 42 cm deep. It has four fixed shelves providing excellent structural stability. The cleared display areas each measure 40 cm high, 103 cm wide and 33.5 cm deep. The shelves are upholstered with grey leather-look Oscar and zinc studwork, giving this unit a highly contemporary feel and unique feel.

All the furniture is handmade by skilled craftsmen to the very highest of standards. Built to last a lifetime, all our furniture is finished with a clear oil to enhance the grain and protect the wood and delivered fully constructed with no home assembly required.

Acacia Wood Furniture Quality

Acacia wood furniture is an extremely good and practical choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The density of this hardwood makes it an ideal choice for constructing dining tables and benches. Due it’s durability acacia wood hardly requires anything but casual care for it to remain looking it’s best.

In terms of It’s appearance, acacia is a naturally smooth wood and has a very distinctive grain that makes wood furniture made from acacia so special and unique. It is commonly found in warm tones, though it holds on to stain well making it equally ideal if you’re looking for a darker piece of furniture.

Furniture Made From Acacia

If you’re looking for strong enduring furniture items that are resistant to wear and tear, that look absolutely fabulous our Girona Acacia wood furniture is the perfect furniture for you.

Browse our selection and order today, all items are sent within a few days and covered by our 14-day guarantee and of course our free UK shipping service.