The charity shop experience

I often find myself going to charity shops. It is more of an adventure than a shopping experience because you never know what is there. As well as that thrift shopping benefits the community. Most of the profit goes to charities in the community and you support local shops instead of big retail brands. I want to share with you why charity shops are important. 

  • Recycling. We waste so much because we buy new and just throw it away after a few uses. Then we buy more and do the same cycle. This has already created so much more waste in this world and soon we will need more land than we can to get rid of it. Alternatively, we burn the waste but that can cause a lot of pollution. Therefore, if we buy second-hand clothes they will be recycled and reused. It is usually obvious that clothes in these shops are from many decades away and they are still almost brand new. I think it says a lot about the quality of clothes we manufacture today. 

 Clothes retail hangers

  • These shops are a treasure island. Many thrift shops have more than clothes. You can find shelves of random goodies, jewelry, music, DVD’s, game CD’s etc. I have once found an old purple ukulele. Brought it home, fixed it up with some new high-quality strings and it is a wonderful instrument to this day. Sometimes, the shop owners stock the most amazing designer items and if you are lucky it will cost you just a couple of pounds. Imagine finding an amazing piece of timeless jewelry that would cost hundreds in today’s market. You have to admit going for an adventure sounds much better than going shopping. 

I wish you best of luck on your next thrift shop and do remember that you are saving the planet while looking for shopping treasures. 

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